Spirit Meet – the joyous union of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Unified Communications (UC)

It’s not a surprise that most, if not all, organisations rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to organise their operations, be it a tradesperson with a trusty notepad filled with customer contact details or a giant multi-national company servicing millions of clients across the globe. A good CRM tool contains priceless layers of data that can be used to maintain and grow a business.   

Another increasingly essential business tool is Unified Communication (UC) software, which has the power to collate and manage customer communications across multiple channels, such as voice, text, video, and chat. A UC allows the user to switch seamlessly between these many channels, often during a single interaction.   

As part of our ongoing pursuit of IT solutions that will help Australian businesses flourish, we bring you a tool that combines the power of the CRM and the UC. For reasons of clarity and not wanting to add more acronyms into our lives, we did not name this tool CRMUC, or CUCRM, but it forms part of our Spirit Meet solution, which is a key component of our secure, modern digital workplace offerings.   

The key to linking these essential platforms lies in the cloud, and once the two are joined, the relationship is normally a harmonious union. Like any innovative technology initiative, some potential pitfalls can trap the unwary, but our Managed Services teams are well-versed in implementing all Spirit Meet solutions.  

Let’s cover the four main issues you’ll need to consider when combining your CRM with UC:

  1. Selecting standard programs that can be easily integrated instead of obscure or custom-made alternatives that might present integration complications.  
  1. Detailing your requirements in advance ensures you are not paying for functionality you won’t need or use. The best way to find out is by talking to your frontline communications staff to determine what programs will help improve their efficiency is the key to getting the most out of your integration.  
  1. Keeping an eye on program speed and performance will help ensure your integrated solution doesn’t slow your people down. A well-implemented integration should have the opposite effect, allowing employees to slide from one channel to the next, so speed matters.  
  1. Deploying program patches and upgrades in a timely manner is key to all software management, so be sure to implement changes when they are due. Running outdated versions of any program is a potential hazard, so ensure your people are always using the most recent release.  

The beauty of well-deployed IT solutions becomes apparent when multiple tasks can be simplified and streamlined. The union of CRM with UC allows your people to work smarter, not harder, thereby increasing their output while unlocking cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your organisation’s data. We think this is the definition of a win-win!

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