There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Australia’s telecommunications industry. It’s hard to know who exactly is selling what, whether they’re reselling something else, and whether any of it is actually any good. But when you’re running a business – or simply working for a company and trying to get your work done – you need an Internet connection that you can rely upon.

While the Government have built the National Broadband Network (NBN), their model is geared predominantly towards residential customers. For businesses, there’s still a myriad of technology options from a range of providers.

One of those options is Spirit Internet. We offer Sky-Speed Internet for businesses looking for super-fast, super reliable Internet access. Keep reading to learn how our network is different from (and we also hink, better than) the rest.

Our own network

At Spirit, we have our own independent fixed-wireless network. We perform all of the maintenance, upgrades, installations and service. This means we know exactly what’s happening on our network, so we can deliver a seamless fixed-wireless Internet service to our business customers.

While there are other network providers out there who also offer fast speeds, they rely on ‘through-the-ground’ technology that takes months (and thousands of dollars) to install. We only take weeks (sometimes less) to install – and let’s be honest, the others aren’t nearly as fast as us!

How does it work?

Our data centres are equipped with extraordinarily fast and reliable technology that allows us to deliver packets of information to and from your business and the rest of the world. These centres are connected through fibre optic cable to our transmission base stations.

This is where it gets exciting. Rather than laying fibre cable directly to your office through the ground, our base stations deliver Internet access through-the-air via fixed wireless technology. This means we install an antenna on your building’s roof, which then connects to your office’s network modem through internal wiring.

Why does it matter?

When our network reaches your business, it works faster inside your building than what other older technologies can deliver. This is because we ensure all the cables that connect your business to our antenna are updated and capable of delivering our super-fast speeds consistently.

So if you’re paying top dollar to have your office on the top floor of a building, you won’t get lugged with a slower Internet connection than someone on the ground floor – which happens all too often with other technologies.

But that’s just the start of the benefits of choosing Spirit Internet.

Super-fast symmetrical speeds

So, just how fast is “super-fast”?

Our business Internet speeds deliver up to 1Gbps, and even beyond that in some situations. To put this into perspective, the average Internet download speed in Australia is 35.11Mbps1.

But what about upload speed? At Spirit, we understand businesses don’t operate on a one-way highway. Your business needs to be able to communicate and share information with others, as well as receive it from them, whether that’s in the form of a video conference or a large file transfer. That’s why our Internet speeds are completely symmetrical. Download and upload data lightning-fast with Sky-Speed Internet.

Super low latency

Of course, your video conference is only as good as your latency. For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to how quickly your Internet responds. For example, if your video conference is being delivered seamlessly, your latency would be really low. If there are delays or packets of data missing (pauses and chops of the audio or image), your Internet would have high latency.

You can test your latency with a ping test. This sends a small packet of data out and measures how long it takes for your device to get a response.

It’s important to note that if the person you’re conferencing with has slow Internet and high latency, there may still be some issues with your video. Spirit’s Sky-Speed Internet is super-fast – but we can only work with what is on our own network. (If you conference with them often, it might be worth telling them about us!)


Ever missed out on concert tickets because your browser was too slow? How many times have you tried to open a large file at work only for the download to time out? We can’t relate. Our speeds are amazing.

Check how your current Internet provider stacks up here.

*Average top fixed Internet download speed Ookla Speedtest Awards Q1-Q2 2018


Less congestion

Most importantly, our network is designed to have less congestion during busy periods – there’s just less resistance up here in the sky!

Internet congestion, just like road traffic congestion, simply means how many people are travelling on your “part” of the Internet at any one time. If there are a lot of cars on the road, it doesn’t matter what the speed limit is, you can only go as fast as the cars in front of you.

This is a problem that happens a lot with through-the-ground Internet providers. But if the “road” ever gets busy with Spirit, we simply open up another lane and ensure your business can still travel at the speed it needs to succeed. Basically, you get the speeds you pay for, not a “typical speed” like most other providers.

Proving the Internet Wrong in Australia

Spirit is committed to providing Australian businesses with Sky-Speed Internet. Our vision is to be your one-stop-shop for all things IT– and step one is ensuring you’re on a network that’s super-fast and super reliable.

Start growing your business at lightning speed with Spirit. Get in touch with one of our specialists to find out whether your premises can get fixed wireless Internet today.



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