Remember the good old days of office chats? That’s where it all happened. Where colleagues would swap stories and debate the footy. But then email came along and we started swapping memes. And now with Zoom in the mix, we’re seeing more personal sides of our team members than we ever thought we would. It’s fair to say that those chats by the water cooler feel like a distant memory!

The workspace is an ever-evolving beast. But the latest evolution isn’t actually that new at all. The idea of working from home has been around for some time, but it’s taken a global pandemic to normalise it, and show that it can work on a large scale. Just ask tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. They think ‘office centricity is over’. But what does your business need to cater for it?

  Get set… for the new normal

Good news. There’s a whole bunch of tech designed to support a remote working business model. With the right choices you can guarantee business continuity during and after the pandemic and prepare your business for a new normal, where workers split their time between the office and their homes.

There are three main areas your business needs to prepare for:

  • Communication: Need to forward calls to the right people? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will sort you out.

  • Collaboration: Tools like Office 365 and Google G Suite make it super easy for workers to get things done across devices no matter where they’re working from.

  • Security: Don’t want outsiders getting into your system? Keep them out, with high speed Internet, a business-grade router and a VPN.

   It’s time to rejig your hardware

VPNs allow employees to securely connect to servers and routers, so they can access files from home.

But not all consumer-grade routers (like what you find from JB-Hifi and The Good Guys) can support VPNs into the business network. Businesses need business-grade routers that are powerful enough to handle multiple off-site employees simultaneously.

Another thing to think about is Internet speed. If everyone is going to be VPNing into the system, or connecting remotely to a single desktop, your Internet connection needs to be up to the task.

Consider switching to Spirit’s independent fixed wireless Internet, which can be used as a main service or as a backup Internet source to your regular ISP. This support source also helps to ensure a reliable service if incumbent networks get too congested or go down.

   Look to the cloud!

When you move to a cloud-based solution, your business’s Internet speed in the office won’t be a bottleneck. The cloud options are hosted on powerful servers outside of your business, which make them fast and reliable.

Many cloud services offer industry-certified services, but you’ll also need to ensure your employee’s home computers meet the security standards of desktops in the office, which may mean providing access to antivirus software.

Luckily, our tech and security gurus can help ensure your business is protected and firing better than ever, no matter where staff are working from. Chat to us today about custom solutions that may suit your business and budget, no obligation, of course.

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