No Wires, No Worries: It’s Easy to Make the Switch to Fixed Wireless Internet

One of the biggest concerns for any business when switching vendors is whether it’ll be worth the effort. There are far too many businesses out there sticking it out with below average CRMs, HR software – and Internet connections – out of fear the transition to a new provider will be far too difficult. Rather the devil you know…

In the case of Internet access, who has time to waste on the phone to your new provider, chasing up the progress of the connection? What if something goes wrong? Thankfully, Spirit can help. Our Sky-Speed Internet runs through fixed wireless technology, which makes the transition from your old ‘through-the-ground’ provider completely worry-free.

Keep reading to learn more about fixed wireless Internet, and how simple it is to make the switch.

How does fixed wireless Internet work?

Unlike ADSL and fibre broadband, fixed wireless doesn’t require cables underground (or even above the street) to your property. Instead, it transmits a signal from a base station to a radio antenna that’s installed on the roof of your business.

The only service qualification required is a line of sight check between the antenna on your roof and the nearest base station. There are also several types of antenna that can be used to accommodate various signal strengths, bandwidths, and even weather conditions, to ensure your service works as reliably as possible.

Accessing the Internet from your office is the same as always – through cables and routers that are connected through internal wiring to the antenna. Once that’s done, you can expect speeds as high as 1Gbps or beyond (on our network), completely blowing your ADSL or NBN connection out of the water.

But one of the key benefits (for time poor businesses at least) is how simple it is to get connected.

No need to lay cable

ADSL is being decommissioned across the country in favour of the NBN. A lot of businesses are opting for fibre broadband instead, but this can take months and a hell of a lot of work to install. Fixed wireless Internet from Spirit can offer speeds just as fast; more often than not, it’s faster actually! – and you don’t have to dig up half the street for it. This means, unlike other telcos that often take months, you’ll be up and running in a matter of weeks (or less).

No Internet downtime required

When you’re digging up the ground and laying cables, there’s every chance your current service will be switched off; whether by a subcontractor who mistakenly cuts your cable, or simply by design as the new service is installed and cutover from the old one. Even if you’re switching Internet providers on the same network, if they don’t have a churn agreement in place, you may need to disconnect and reconnect, which can lead to weeks of downtime.

As fixed wireless is installed from above, your existing Internet can remain on while everything is installed, ensuring your business can continue as normal while your service changes.

Redundancy as a service

If you’ve already committed to a fixed line service, fixed wireless Internet service can also be a valuable backup. Whether from line degradation over time, or a myriad of other causes, your Internet may experience an outage that takes time to resolve. In this event, fixed wireless can kick-in to ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat. Find out more about back-up Internet connections and why they’re important here.

Make the switch to Spirit fixed wireless Internet

Spirit is transforming business Internet access in Australia. We want to power Australian businesses with the technology they need to grow. Choose us for super-fast speed, super low latency and super flexible packages. If you want to find out whether your premises can get fixed wireless Internet, chat to one of our experts today.

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