Talking Transformation with Dan Mandich 

As businesses around Australia transform to meet evolving workplace demands, Spirit is also busy innovating behind the scenes. We caught up with our recently appointed Chief Operations Officer, Dan Mandich, to give you an inside look at a couple of our exciting transformation initiatives. He also explores how your business can leverage modern workplace technologies to better serve your staff and customers. 

Q. Tell us about your time with Spirit so far… 

Dan: I joined Spirit in 2020 when they acquired my company. I was at a point in my career where I wanted to scale and get into an environment that would support this journey for myself and my customers. Since then, I’ve been promoted to Chief Operation Officer and am heavily involved in the transformation initiatives Spirit has put in place. It has certainly been a very exciting time to join. 

Q. Can you share some of the transformation initiatives you’re most excited about in Spirit’s journey? 

Dan: Well, for starters, there’s a project called Spirit X that I’m really looking forward to seeing come to life in 2022. I can’t share too much about it right now—all I can say is, stay tuned. 

One project that I can share more detail on is called Spirit One. This will involve Spirit simplifying products and services into four master categories. There’ll be “Workspace”, which is our Modern Workplace related products such as Microsoft Azure and 365, “Guardian” for our security offerings, “Meet”, which will be our collaboration platforms such as WebEx or Microsoft Teams, and finally “Connect” which will feature our telco services. This has been in the works for around six months, and we’re close to releasing the new structure to our customers. 

The reason we’re doing this is to build a better experience for our customers when engaging with their technology. With these four groups, any business can come to Spirit with a problem and see what solutions can be leveraged to solve that challenge. This is particularly important for Spirit because we provide end-to-end solutions under one roof. Sometimes a business’ technology journey will start in one category, and then evolve to another. We’re trying to make that journey easier.  

Q. What have you heard customers say about Spirit’s “under the one roof” approach? 

Dan: The main benefit is that our customers can call one number and deal with one provider, solving a pain point that none of our competitors are offering. It might sound minor, but if a business is dealing with multiple providers, it can turn into an absolute nightmare every time they need support. Being bounced around different people and waiting for a resolution is frustrating and wastes a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere. At Spirit, we give our customers a dedicated account manager so they can call one number and get directed to the right person straight away—whether that’s our team or one of our vendors.  

Q. What does the modern workplace mean to you? 

Dan: It’s all about empowering your staff and reaching your customers. Our customers are able to reach their customers and data on any device from any location. This concept isn’t completely new, but we’re now talking about a more secure environment that is optimised and driven by selecting the right technology.  

We have a selection of solutions and products to suit different needs and achieve the business’ desired modern workplace environment. It’s a bit like a puzzle—we’ll work with our customers to determine how we can design and piece it all together so that it’s a secure, modern workplace that allows them to reach their customers better. 

Q. It’s interesting that you’ve mentioned the customer as a core part of the modern workplace. Can you expand on that? 

Dan: There are two main reasons I highlight the customer aspect of the modern workplace. We’re a customer-first business at the core, so we’re already looking through that lens. The second is that to achieve and maintain that customer-driven focus, our team needs to practice what we preach. By that, I mean that we need to serve Spirit team members and set them up with modern workplace solutions to perform better and reach our customers. 

With both Spirit One and Spirit X, our goal is to make it easier for businesses to be the best they can be and keep up with evolving demands. Our customers are on a transformation journey, and we’re right there with them. 

If you want to read more on what Dan Mandich thinks about technology and the Australian work landscape, you can follow him on his LinkedIn profile.