With June 31st fast approaching, people around the world are busy preparing for the new year. However, instead of heralding this new year with fireworks, champagne and countdowns, we’ll be doing our tax returns. Goodie!

Of course, end of financial year represents much more than just tax returns. It is also important for businesses to reflect on their achievements and formulate goals for the next financial year. Underpinning all of this is the Internet, which streamlines processes and guarantees less headaches at this stressful time of year.

There’s a variety of ways businesses use the Internet to make EOFY swift and painless. Here’s how you can too:

1. Taxes

Most people approach tax time with about the same level of enthusiasm as they would with doing laundry. It’s not exactly your favourite activity, but it has to be done eventually. However, let’s take a moment to appreciate how much easier taxes are with the Internet.

Most businesses nowadays use the Internet for online accounting tools that combine otherwise tedious processes such as invoicing, tax returns and payment summaries. Programs such as Xero, MYOB, Wave and QuickBooks take what was once a sea of receipts and reduce it into something much more manageable.

During EOFY when this activity is amplified, having a strong and reliable connection is critical. The last thing a business owner needs is slow Internet when they are knee-deep in finance work. No thank you.

2. Targets

EOFY marks an optimal time to evaluate the year gone by and reset new business targets. Goal setting is a crucial part of identifying growth opportunities and measuring your success in achieving them. With the right tools and right connections, businesses use the Internet to help them reach their new targets and more.

On a very literal level, there are a suite of online goal setting and productivity tools such as Trello, Monday and KanBan flow. Wave goodbye to those sticky notes that lose their stick and take that brainstorming and goal setting online.

However, more broadly you might consider how the Internet affects your business growth. Whether you want to reach more people, increase sales or other growth targets, you need the Internet to run a successful business and promote yourself. From tracking goal progression to directly gaining sales, the Internet plays a significant role in making this happen.

3. Technology

When all is wrapped up and your tax returns are done, you might have a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket. Lucky duck. Aside from saving, you can consider investing in new technology for your business to help it grow. Be it a new website, better communication software or new hardware – the Internet runs through it all.

In this case, businesses use the Internet to ensure this shiny, new technology runs effectively and efficiently. You can have the best technology in the game but it means nothing without a fast, reliable connection. Combine the two, however, and your business will be making strides in the 19/20 financial year.

In the many facets of EOFY, business Internet is clearly an important tool. For your business to grow and succeed in the coming financial year and beyond, it is necessary to be using the best connection possible.

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