The Essential Checklist – Must do’s when relocating your office

Australia is opening back up, and many businesses are reassessing their office requirements. Many organisations prefer the hybrid work arrangement or, as we like to call it, the Modern Workplace. After the pandemic, employees are comfortable alternating between their home and the office; as a result, Australian commercial real estate may never be the same again. Whether you are upsizing or downsizing, relocating your office doesn’t have to be a disruptive nightmare. We’ve assembled 5 helpful tips for your relocation.

1. Engage your IT Team from the beginning

Obviously, we’re somewhat biased when exploring the importance of IT to run a profitable organisation, but your tech team will prove vital to a seamless office relocation. They will need to assess potential new office space from an IT perspective, plan for the crucial crunch points in advance, and prepare your organisation for the digital transition. There is nothing worse than arriving at your new office to find your Internet down, there’s a delay with the phone line connection, and the main printer hasn’t arrived yet!

For organisations without a dedicated IT department, this is where we shine. As a provider of comprehensive Managed IT Services, our expertise could prove invaluable during an office relocation. Our specialist technicians can satisfy an exhaustive IT checklist to ensure disruption is minimal and your team is ready for business from day one. 

2. Make sure your new office has the digital infrastructure your organisation needs

When assessing a potential new office site, there are some crucial preliminary checks we recommend you do. Before you sign on to a new lease, it’s best to check the building’s existing technology infrastructure. Identifying their digital assets such as the type of cabling available, WiFi points, and a well-ventilated room for comms rack is just as important as the location of your office to the nearest train station and coffee shop!

Not prioritising this as part of your checklist can be costly for your business in the long run. Intermittent or patchy coverage will impede all office communication, creating rolling transitional havoc, which can lead to employee frustration and ultimately affect how your team interacts with your customers.

3. Great opportunity to revisit your office assets and upgrade your technology

Relocating offices provides an excellent opportunity to take stock of what your business owns. Are you hoarding storerooms filled with overhead projectors, rarely used lawn chairs, an outdated printer and unopened boxes of Xmas decorations? If so, a ruthless cull of unnecessary possessions will clear blockages, alleviate bottlenecks, and whip your business into shape.

Arrive at your new location with nothing but the bare essentials to business success. Modern businesses are light and agile, not slow-moving vessels weighed down by outdated junk. If you are looking to upgrade your existing hardware, move to the cloud or transform how your organisation collaborates, we have the tools and experts to help you transition to your modern workplace.

4. Don’t forget to update your digital presence address

It can be easy to overlook your online presence when relocating offices, but correctly recording your physical address ties directly to your business’s digital success. Don’t confuse your customers and suppliers with multiple addresses. Keep your profile clean and up to date.

Every business has an online presence, and many websites include a recorded street address. When changing your business location, be sure to update all online records, especially Google Local. Businesses with conflicting addresses appear unprofessional and unreliable, so avoid this trap.

5. Protect your valuable business assets and hire a removalist

Although ‘engage the experts’ should be a guiding rule for life – you don’t consult your doctor to build your house – many businesses try to relocate without adhering to this universal law. How hard can changing offices be, and what could possibly go wrong? As much as we’d like to think relocating into a new office is as easy as moving into a new house, it’s not as straightforward and can be a logistic nightmare.

When you hire a reputable commercial removalist, you have peace of mind knowing they are well insured, have the proper trolleys and pulleys to transport heavy items and understand what needs to be done. They are also versed in legislation regarding the protection of sensitive data and equipment, one less thing for you to worry about.  

New office, new start

We’re not going to sugarcoat and say that office relocations are easy – because they aren’t! However, relocating your organisation allows you to revamp your business, modernise your workplace, and empower your staff with new technology to support their hybrid or remote setup.

As your one-stop Managed Service IT experts, we’d love to help set up your next office and help your business transition to its new location. Whether you are looking for managed WiFi or IT support, cloud data solutions, telephony systems utilising VoIP, or hardware advice or sales, our experts specialise in customising offices for maximum productivity and collaboration. We offer comprehensive IT packages to Aussie businesses that are eager to embrace cutting-edge innovations – ultimately empowering your employees to work to their fullest potential.

After a more bespoke solution? We provide tailored technology solutions that can transform an office space into an efficient high-tech hub. If you have any questions about your office requirements, drop us a line.         

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