Getting to know the Expert behind the screen

A business is only as good as its people. Here at Spirit, we have some exceptional team members. These are the experts that manage our projects and drive our corporate vision. Let’s put a face to some of their names.  

We caught up with Spirit Project Manager, Fiona Melrose on International Women’s Day to chat about her experiences within the technology field. Fiona has a wealth of experience in the sector with a CV that includes many of the market’s biggest players.   

What are you most excited about for the future of our business?  

I’m most excited by the vision displayed by the Spirit business. The model allows for constant evolution as new companies are acquired and positioned within the group. This growth, combined with new technology developments, allows for exciting opportunities to advance within the company. In short, growing organisations offer great potential for learning, progression, and career advancement.   

What are the challenges that you face in this industry? 

There have been instances during my career (3 years with Spirit, 10+ years within the IT&T sector overall) when having a voice in a male-dominated industry has been a challenge. So… being heard.   

Why is it important to celebrate success? 

Successes in any field breed further success. As I Project Manager, I try to remain mindful of the need to recognise successful solutions and outcomes within my team. IT projects of all sizes and scope require a combination of problem-solving, collaboration, and implementation. Celebrating victories along the way helps create a positive and supportive workplace culture.    

How can Spirit make a difference to gender equality? 

Spirit can contribute to gender equality by recognising and supporting women within the business. I’m pleased to report that this does occur, particularly with career and growth planning. The Spirited Women program is a great help in this regard.  

We are extremely proud of the diversity within the Spirit workforce and will continue to shine a light on the hard-working people that power our success.  

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