The five best Internet productivity tools for your business

We’re delving into the best Internet productivity tools to decrease paper waste and increase productivity.

While the Internet can often be seen as a distraction in our daily lives – scrolling feeds, checking notifications and breaking our attention – it’s actually one of the most powerful tools you can harness in your business to help increase productivity.

Finding the tools to get the most out of your time, streamline your day and manage your priorities are key to ensuring you’ve got time for the important things; like servicing your clients and connecting with your customers. Today we’re delving into the five best Internet productivity tools for your business, how they work, and why you should be using them.


Internet productivity tools not only make the best use of your time, but they can also save on paper waste. If you’re a pen and paper list maker, it’s time to move your to-do list online.

Monday is a productivity tool that makes managing teams and projects effective, easy and transparent. Members from your team can track, in real-time, the projects they’re working on, and see timelines and priorities for a range of tasks all in one place.

There’s also space for updates, so you can keep key team members up to date with your progress, or give them a gentle nudge about an actionable item.


Does your business have a social media presence? If so, you might want to consider a scheduling tool that streamlines your multi platform posting each day. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more all at the same time.

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to many platforms, while also saving you time on manual reporting. Spend your newly acquired free time on something more productive and meaningful, like engaging with your audience on your social media channels.


Want to ensure you’re on top of any media or brand mentions online? If your business isn’t at a point where it can invest in a media monitoring tool, Google Alerts is a great way to save you time and money.

All of your online brand mentions will be condensed into an email and sent directly to you.


Time spent searching,‘Where do I put a semicolon’, can be used more productively throughout your business. Spell check on Word does part of the job and can save you hours of proofreading, but did you know there’s a better tool that can have your back online and within Word too?

Grammarly is an online grammar and spell checking lifesaver. You can use it direct through the website if you want to double check your copy, or you can install the add-on, meaning Grammarly is by your side no matter which website you’re writing on. It can even be installed to work with Word, Outlook, Excel and more.


Communication is key when running a business, however, too much verbal communication or an overflowing email inbox can seriously slow down your productivity and make you want to run for the hills.

If you’re not one for uphill sprints, look into a messaging service and collaboration hub like Spirit Communicator, part of our Cloud UC solution instead. You may have heard of or already use one of the myriad of communication and collaboration tools such as Skype, Zoom, Slack and so on. Communicator works in the same way in that it connects your team online through a messaging and collaboration service. It allows you to respond to quick questions in your own time, meaning no distractions when you’re ‘in the zone’.

Spirit’s Communicator also allows you to make and receive calls using your work landline even when you’re out of the country. You could be sipping cocktails on a beach in Bali, and as long as you have a data connection, you’ll have the same connectivity as here in Australia.

So if you’re wanting to use your super-fast Internet to save time, streamline your processes and reduce paper waste in your workplace, be sure to investigate our list of the five best Internet productivity tools for your business.

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