The copper networks are being disconnected across the country. By 2020, it will be completely shut down. This means your ISDN equipment will no longer be supported. If you haven’t already started making plans, the time is now – or you’ll quickly find your business without a phone or Internet access.

Thankfully, Spirit has developed a solution that puts the control back in the hands of your business. We call it Spirit Smart ISDN. Click here to get started or keep reading this blog to find out more.

Transitioning from ISDN to the cloud

Rather than getting rid of your onsite PBX, Spirit Smart ISDN works with your existing infrastructure. We simply supply a SIP to ISDN converter – a similar concept to an analogue to digital TV converter – that works with your current system and ensures your incoming and outgoing phone calls operate exactly the same as before.

This means your business can transition from ISDN to the cloud at your own pace, giving you the freedom and flexibility of Unified Communications – without the headache of replacing hardware.

Entering the world of Unified Communications

The future of business communications is simple – and unified. Interactions must be seamless to support your company objectives. This means the integration of all communication platforms, such as your instant messenger, video conferencing, data sharing, task management tools and phone lines. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be a single product, it should have a consistent interface and user experience.

The implication of this is improved productivity. One conversation could begin via your task management tool, continue via your instant messenger tool, before finishing over a phone call or video conference, without anyone involved missing a beat.

The easier it is to communicate, the quicker that tasks will be completed; the importance of which can’t be understated for a successful business.

If you’re ready to enter the world of Unified Communications, but you don’t want to replace your existing hardware, our Smart ISDN is the ideal solution. It allows you to take the next step, enhancing your existing infrastructure, rather than forcing you to replace it.

Preparing your business for the future

Spirit are making the impossible possible. We provide SMBs with Sky-Speed Internet and Managed IT Services designed to prepare your business for the future of communications. With ISDN services being decommissioned across the country, and the copper network quickly being replaced, finding a solution that works for your business has never been more pressing. But it should be one that works with your business, not against it!

If you want to find out more about Spirit Smart ISDN and how we can help you outsmart the copper shutdown (before it outsmarts you), click here to get started. Otherwise, give us a call on 1300 007 001 and one of our specialists will be happy to help. But do it fast! You only have so long before the lines are dead.

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