The Secret To Great Guest Wi-Fi

When your guests first check-in, they are sure to have a variety of questions about their stay. You can be sure that near the top of every traveller’s list is asking about the Wi-Fi. 

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, next to four walls and a roof, high-speed Internet access is a necessity for the modern traveller. 

But how can you guarantee a faultless experience for guests without compromising your network’s security or adding the stress of integrating yet another technology into your business? The answer is managed Wi-Fi

Let’s firstly begin with what managed Wi-Fi is not… unmanaged. 

What is unmanaged Wi-Fi? 

Many businesses across various industries including hospitality, education, retail and more, knowingly, or unknowingly, use an unmanaged Wi-Fi solution. This involves the use of a router and either one or several access points. The key here is these access points are not connected with each other. 

The result, as you may have experienced, is when you move away from one access point, your device remains connected to that weakened signal until you eventually lose connection. This type of setup can compromise performance and reliability leading to frustrating experiences for guests who in 2020, expect to stay connected wherever they roam.   

Now, let’s talk about managed

Have you ever been at a café or airport and seen a slick Internet ‘guest login’ page when you try and get on their Wi-Fi? It’s probably managed Wi-Fi. 

Managed Wi-Fi provides wireless Internet access for guests, residents and employees throughout a property. The design typically includes devices such as wireless controllers, wireless access points, switches and extensive cabling. It also securely and automatically swaps your device’s connection to the access point with the best signal throughout a property, ensuring a strong signal and continuous connection wherever you go! 

Why managed Wi-Fi? 

Ten years ago, a managed Wi-Fi system was considered a nice-to-have for many companies. But the importance of managed Wi-Fi increased significantly over the past decade. In the business environment, the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture and customer expectations were some of the drivers of the need for managed Wi-Fi systems. 

Managed Wi-Fi can provide seamless connectivity for employees and visitors alike. Employees need to connect immediately to their work network. For guests, easy access should be granted within minutes – without compromising your security. 

For owners of hotels, cafés and restaurants, fast and easy Wi-Fi provides an opportunity to differentiate themselves and enhance their customer experience. Guest connections also allow businesses to collect reviews, boost social followers and promote their offers. 

On-premises wireless VS cloud managed 

With a traditional on-premises Wi-Fi system, a single wireless controller oversees all access points in the network. This enables administrators to perform configuration to the access points via the controller. 

However, in a cloud-managed architecture, physical controllers are not required. The cloud works like a virtual controller. All the distributed wireless access points connect to the virtual controller via the Internet. 

The main benefit of being able to manage a Wi-Fi system from the cloud is flexibility and ease of setup. 

If your organisation has multiple locations across the city or even in different cities, the ability to control your entire system from a single interface is an obvious benefit. 

Another benefit of the cloud is the scalability as the number of access points the cloud can handle is unlimited. The world is your oyster! 

Lastly, let’s look into guest portals 

For quick, easy and secure guest access, setup a guest portal through your managed Wi-Fi solution. Providing more than just a login screen, there are a multitude of key benefits on offer: You could offer different bandwidth rates (download/upload) or place limits on total data usage and duration of use, which is pretty cool. 

  • Branded landing page with your business’ logo and details 
  • Seamless integration with your Property Management System (PMS) including the ability to on-charge customers for Internet usage 
  • Ability to track usage by guest, offer different bandwidth rates or set limits to data usage and duration of use 
  • Voucher-based authentication

Our experienced managed Wi-Fi experts can work with you design a network that is right for your business, delivering the performance and reliability without the hassle of setting it up and manage the network yourself. To ensure you’re set up for the best Wi-Fi experience for staff and guests, we also offers a range of super-fast business-grade Internet plans with flexible contracts to suit your needs.

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