UFi Data + Phone Line Bundle Upgrade Request

If you are an existing UFi Fibre customer, you can request your plan to be upgraded to UFi Data + Phone Line Bundle,
providing amazing value just for an extra $1 per month!

  • UFi Data & Phone Line Bundle Terms and Conditions:

    • UFi Phone Bundle service is ONLY available to UFi Internet customers on plans 25Mbps and above, and is not available separately. Spirit will only support Spirit provided ATA devices. BYO IP handsets are allowed and configuration details can be provided upon request, however Spirit will not be responsible for configuration, support or performance of BYO devices.
    • Minimum cost on a 18 months term is your monthly plan cost multiplied by 18. Minimum cost on a no-contract term is $199 for installation, plus first month service fee of chosen monthly plan. Minimum monthly spend is as indicated on your chosen plan. For contracted services, an early termination fee of $199 or the lesser of the plan fee multiplied by the months remaining applies.
    • Cancelling UFi Bundle Internet service means cancelling all UFi add-on products, including UFi Phone, UFi TV, etc. Cancellation of UFi Internet services during contracted term will invoke both UFi Internet and UFi Phone Line cancellation charges. Cancellation of UFi Phone Line component only, during contracted term is $99.
    • Internet speeds and voice quality may vary depending on internet traffic, line condition, hardware and software, the source of the download and your location.
    • Once minimum contract is completed the services will continue billing on a monthly basis until notified in writing at [email protected]
    • UFi ATA device is the property of Spirit and is to be returned back to Spirit, when either - UFi Phone Bundle or UFi Internet is cancelled. If lost, stolen or damaged, hardware replacement fee of $199 applies.
    • Number porting is only available on Telstra stand-alone PSTN services. This is classified as Simple (CAT A) port and has one-off porting fee of $40 (per number). Please note - Spirit does not port Complex services (CAT C) due to high cost and complexity. Spirit provisioning team will confirm if your number can be ported, based on your service number and your provider. Please note - when porting number to us, as the number comes across to Spirit your current telephone line will be disconnected by your current provider (i.e. - will lose the dial-tone), which will affect any existing Fax, Dial-to-base Security, and any other services requiring dial back on PSTN. Spirit is not responsible for any contractual arrangements between you and your current provider, before porting your number please check with your provider. We don’t recommend UFi phone to customers with existing life-threatening conditions requiring access to Telstra services.
    • UFi Phone Budnle Service Requirements: UFi ATA requires access to Ethernet port in your apartment, whether it is the first point in your apartment (connected by Spirit), or additional ports via your own stand-alone ethernet switch or ethernet switch at the back of Spirit configured WiFi access point. It is your responsibility to ensure available access ports within your apartment. If you don’t use WiFi access point and don’t have internal network switch, please consult Spirit customer service prior to placing an order.
    • Spirit UFi Internet and UFi Bundle plans are for personal use and for approved customers only. Offer cannot be used for commercial and/or resale purposes.
    • UFi Budnle Service PAYG call rates: Unless included with optional add-on packs (see UFi Phone offer) Spirit standard rates apply: Local/National @ 10c untimed, calls to Mobiles @ 30c/min (per 30 sec block), 1300/13 numbers @ 30c untimed, International calls from 10c/min (full list of international call rates available from www.spirit.com.au/ufi-StandardRates )
    • All prices shown include GST
    • Standard Terms and Conditions apply and available from www.spirit.com.au/sfoa