Upskill your hybrid workforce with Spirit Academy

At Spirit, we love to focus on the ways technology can positively impact our work lives. For example, we focus on providing business tech that will lead to greater clarity, certainty, and reduce employee stress. These positives will then contribute to higher productivity levels, higher morale, happier people, and streamlined collaboration, meaning that both management and the team reap the benefits.  

Organisation-wide training requirements have changed recently, driven largely by the hybrid workforce and new day-to-day technology such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Faced with new tools, employees now expect on-demand training that allows convenience, accessibility, and is stacked with useful information. In short, workers want instructions to solve specific tasks when they need them.  

To match these expectations, the Spirit Academy provides eLearning via a self-service platform. The program delivers Microsoft suite skill training through task-based exercise videos available through a user-friendly interface on almost any device. This efficient model for training enables employees to learn what they need in real-time and thus meet organisational performance standards. Our training allows all workers to make the most of their day-to-day technology.  

After all, there is no point investing in technological solutions if your people don’t understand how they work. Poor training results in slow and sporadic uptake of new initiatives and often results in a poor return on investment.  

On the other hand, effective training caters to different learning styles and leads to enthusiastic adoption of tools that will help improve overall business efficiency.  

The benefits of self-service learning  

Organisations that embrace the latest self-service learning methods over outdated classroom-style training, or eLearning models of the past, will see vastly improved productivity. In a competitive world, well trained organisations will also more quickly achieve their digital transformation goals.  

The top four benefits are: 

  • Efficient learning process for job skills training and technology adoption 
  • Improved knowledge retention from users applying their newfound skills immediately 
  • Reduced time away from job activities by providing anywhere access to training 
  • A culture of self-sufficiency for skills enablement instead of over-reliance on the helpdesk or relying on repetitive, costly training exercises 

Equipping your people with effective, on-demand training tools that allow them to learn at their own pace, will certainly create competitive advantages for your organisation. The move away from the helpdesk approach to self-empowerment via real-time training drives the Spirit Academy program and can help your team stay ahead of the technology curve. 

Speak to us today about how Spirit Academy can provide your organisation with modern training tools to keep your people sharp and productive.  

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