How Will The Copper Shutdown Impact Your Business?

Take the first step Towards
the Cloud

Phones are an essential tool for communicating with customers and suppliers. With the closure of Australia’s traditional phone network happening in 2020, businesses that haven’t moved to the cloud will be cut off. This means your investment in expensive phone equipment could be all for nothing.

Finding the right solution to save you (and your phone system) can take time and many providers will want you to commit to a costly product that may require additional investment in phone hardware.

(Break out text) We’ll give you a simple & cost-effective solution to keep your phones ringing.

How Spirit Smart ISDN works

Smart ISDN is delivered over your Internet connection and runs alongside your onsite PBX, connecting your existing ISDN to the public network.

It works hand in hand with your existing phone system and incoming calls are received the same way – so it’s business as usual.

  • Use your existing phone system
  • More cost effective than traditional ISDN
  • Move to the cloud at your own pace

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