VoIP vs Landline – Accelerate your business

Aussie businesses are changing the way we use the telephone. Old landlines are being replaced with voice solutions befitting the current technological age. Modern organisations are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and reaping the benefits. Let’s explore the advantages of joining this widescale business adoption.  

Crystal clear, affordable & user-friendly 

Instead of relying on yesterday’s phone line technology, VoIP harnesses the power of the Internet to deliver the next generation of communication. While landlines are renowned for their trusty dependence, VoIP is cheaper, scalable, easily installed – generally requiring no additional hardware, is device friendly, and provides a range of services and benefits that traditional landlines cannot match.  

As pioneers of technology guaranteed to assist Australian businesses, we have developed our own VoIP platform called LiveCall, and it’s poised to transform the way your company communicates. Like all our business solutions, LiveCall can be tailored to meet your exact organisational requirements, and its adoption will reap immediate and tangible benefits.  

In short, we’ve developed a smart Australian solution for your business, and it doesn’t get much better than that.  

Integrates with your phone system & Microsoft Teams 

A top-class VoIP solution will integrate seamlessly with your existing phone system and also Microsoft Teams. There is often no need to change phone numbers or purchase additional hardware or equipment. VoIP is also scalable and can grow as your business does, with additional capacity just a phone call away. Unlike landlines, there is no recurring line rental fee, which is used by traditional telcos to maintain often aging infrastructure.

Call quality and reliability 

One of the many benefits of a system such as LiveCall is reliability and quality. With a solid Internet connection, your calls will be crystal clear and continuous. You can enter important conversations with the confidence that your voice will be clearly heard and received. LiveCall delivers this clarity by utilising Quality-of-Service, a technology that prioritises voice and video traffic to ensure you get the best possible communication outcomes. By employing LiveCall, you will be negotiating international deals that span continents and time zones while enjoying the quality, clarity, and price of a local call.    

Voicemail auto forwarded to email 

VoIP technology revolutionises the voicemail system. Phone messages can be transcribed and delivered to your email address to guarantee you don’t miss a single communique, even when travelling or out of mobile range. This ability to cross between communication channels means that with LiveCall, your business will be placed at the cutting edge of coming innovation.  

We exist to provide businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the modern world, and this includes the way your organisation communicates with its many stakeholders.                           

How it all comes together 

LiveCall taps into your existing hardware and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) or telephone switchboard and sends your voice safely and securely across your existing Internet connection.  

Accelerating your business with LiveCall 

VoIP systems are the way of the future. They are nimble, dynamic, cost-effective, and are constantly adding new features and benefits. At Spirit, we love such solutions. They fit neatly within our goal of empowering Australian businesses to adapt, thrive, and prosper in the modern world.  

We’d love to help transform your business into a lean and agile entity that capitalises on the latest technological opportunities. The power of your voice is vital to your business success. Make sure you are ahead of the communication curve.   

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