Regional Victoria will be the first to get a taste of 5G tech and sky-speed Internet, thanks to Spirit’s new $1.7 million deal with the Victorian State Government.

See the press release below:

Spirit Telecom has signed a $1.7 million deal with the Victorian State Government to deliver super-fast internet, using 5G technology to the state’s regional city of Horsham.

After a thorough tender process, Spirit has been awarded the job to take on the project and is thrilled to be delivering its super-fast Internet in the region. The deal will enable the rural community and businesses of Horsham, a population in excess of 20,000, to have the same access to Internet services as metropolitan, interstate and international counterparts; finally bridging the digital divide between metro and regional areas.

Spirit’s sky-speed internet is a genuine NBN alternative and will deliver the region with Fixed Wireless, super-fast Internet with speeds up to 1,000Mbps, that’s 10x faster than the NBN’s 100Mbps plan.

Spirit’s $1.7 million deal with the Victorian State Government will see five towers developed across five districts in Horsham. These radios will transmit Spirit’s Internet, using beam-forming technology, which is the first ratified technology of the global 5G standard. The transmission will be via the air and will cover a 10km radius from each tower throughout Horsham, including the Horsham CBD, Horsham Enterprise Park, Aerodrome and freight terminal precincts. In addition, the network may be capable of providing services to businesses outside Horsham in locations such as Longerenong, Dooen and Haven.

Spirit’s Managing Director, Geoff Neate said the deal with the State Government is a testament to Spirit’s strong offering in the market and its ability to deliver on what they’ve promised.

“We believe our offering is market leading and will put to bed the mindset that 5G technology is purely a mobile play. We will deploy a super-fast internet ring around Horsham using the latest technology via a partnership with the State Government. The project will reinforce Spirit as a leader of high-speed Internet in the Telco’ industry. It also fulfils the demands of businesses and consumers for a fast, reliable broadband service that actually delivers on what it promises. This is what we hang our hat on and are looking forward to strengthening the Horsham community’s access to super-fast Internet.”

Minister for Regional Development Jaala Pulford says,

“We are putting Horsham businesses on an even playing field with those in Melbourne and in other global centres – giving them the connectivity they deserve.”

“This project will be a game changer for local businesses. Symmetrical gigabit broadband will make them more efficient and change the way they do business and the products they offer locally and globally.

Spirit anticipates completion of the project by the end of 2019 but the first services, available in limited areas, could be
offered as soon as mid-next year.

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