Spirit Managing Director, Geoff Neate, spoke to Telecom Times last week about who Spirit is; and who we want to be in the High Speed Internet market.

Geoff committed that we’re not here to take on the nbn. We’re a genuine alternative to traditional fibre services, and we work to deliver the amazing speeds Australia deserves.

“Where we go, where we enter into a particular market, be it a building or geographic expansion, we’re going to go in with a strategy that allows us to win. We win by providing better Internet – Serious Internet.”

What It Means To Have “Serious Internet”

The businesses we talk to are frustrated with the state of Australian Internet. They need to be able to work in the Cloud, move data quickly and communicate with customers and employees seamlessly. To be competitive, dedicated bandwidth and symmetrical connections are a must have as part of a powerful Internet solution.

5 Great Reasons To Choose “Serious Internet”

  1. Our Own Ultra-Fast Network We built the network, we manage the network, we stand behind it, and we aim to go where others can’t.
  2. Symmetrical Speeds Of course you need your uploads to be as fast as your downloads. But not everyone gives you that. We do!
  3. Low Latency Ultra low latency, in low single digit milliseconds. The speed of your Internet is only one measurement. With Spirit, it also takes the most direct route to where you want your Internet to go.
  4. Flexible Many possibilities for unifying your data and voice communications, making your total communications package smarter, more efficient and cost effective.
  5. Did we mention that we are Ultra-Fast? We commit to the delivering super fast speeds and getting your Internet to you as fast as humanly possible.

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