Connection Stalemate.

The Internet provides us with the ability to connect with people from anywhere at anytime. For the gaming industry, this has been key in shaping its progression, and as the Internet has become more and more available, more gaming titles have integrated online gameplay into their user experience.

Fast forward to 2019, and the once niche esports industry has developed into a world-wide super-industry, boasting projected 2019 global revenues of 1.1 billion dollars and an increased viewership exceeding 400 million global fans.

Although an amazing advancement for the global esports industry, its Australian community has hit a connection stalemate, with the NBN struggling to support its anticipated growth.

To find out more about how we could help this, we sat down with our friend Chris Smith, esports expert and founder of BIG esports Australia, to chat about this growth and why Australian NBN ISPs could be holding this back.

What Is the best Kind of Internet for esports?

As we know, gaming and esports is a completely different world compared to that of the ‘everyday’ web browser. The user needs are completely different and as Chris says, “Generally there’s more of a need for stability and upload with people who are gamers”.

So we asked him; What makes the perfect esports ISP? Funnily enough, he told us exactly what we were expecting:

  • “The top three things gamers look for in an ISP are
  • 1. Service: Reliable customer service
  • 2. Low Latency: Low Ping for fast data processing
  • 3. Stability: Decent speeds, both Upload and Download”

Whether a casual gamer, esports athlete or somewhere in between, Internet stability is key to keeping you sharp against competitors. However, in many cases players lack this, and as Chris highlights, “If you’re in a game like Dota 2 and you can’t connect within 5 minutes, it kicks you from the game and you might even get banned” – Not ideal if you’re training for a professional tournament.

When it comes to symmetrical speeds, upload is just as important, especially if you’re making a living in the industry as a streamer. But once more, “There’s a major issue with upload speeds, especially in Australia”.

Photo By Caspar Camille Rubin

Photo By Seve Andreou

‘For The Players’

A common misconception for many, is understanding just how big of a role the Internet can have on a player’s game. In fact, Chris told us that the Internet to a gamer is as integral as the road we drive on. Imagine you were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on a dirt road with unpredictable pot holes (hello NBN), whilst everyone else is cruising along a smooth un-congested road.

This is exactly the problem Australian esports athletes are facing when competing against international athletes. In fact, Australia’s average Fixed Broadband speed is currently ranked 59th (February 2019) in the world.

But poor Internet stability and symmetrical speeds isn’t just a roadblock for the development of our Aussie esports athletes. For global industry recognition, it’s also a massive limitation when it comes to hosting major tournaments.

Go Big or Go Home

As we have seen in the US market, major international tournaments have helped catapult the growth and recognition of the American esports Industry, leading to sponsorship support from major global investors, and a growth of over $372 million in annual revenue between 2016 and 2018.

At this stage however, running a major tournament under the NBN network would be a nightmare, and in order to stimulate industry growth and bypass this challenge, the Australian esports community needs a super-fast alternative. Both to provide a platform for players to compete, and more importantly, to attract Series A and B investments from businesses and investors already in the US esports market – Adidas, Nike, Mastercard, Disney Entertainment and more.

This is where we come in. Spirit’s Sky-Speed Internet is second to none, with stable symmetrical download/upload speeds and reliability that will get anyone through a Dota 2 match unscathed. You and your team can train and play harder and faster, keeping you up to speed with the growth of the industry itself, and leaving you agile and ready for any curveball an opponent throws at you.

Find out more about our Sky-Speed Internet and check if we can better your set-up.

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