Windows 11: How your business can benefit

Windows 11 rolls out on October 5, 2021. There will be no queues outside computer stores like the good old days, but there will certainly be virtual queues and some exciting new features in the upgrade. As your trusted technology provider, we take a dive into the package to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the features that might be of value to your business.  


Firstly, the upgrade is free. Your devices will, however need to have a requisite memory and storage space, graphics card, other minimum requirements, and a reliable Internet connection (you can view full spec requirements here). The download is expected to be a straightforward exercise that doesn’t involve a credit card. While not all devices will be compatible from day one of launch, get in touch with one of our techsperts if you’re unsure and we’ll be able to help you upgrade to a Windows 11 device.  

Like all new offerings, there may be some early bugs, and some industry insiders are urging caution when it comes to embracing the upgrade. Some will wait until the initial bugs can be identified and corrected, and this might prove to be wise counsel. Windows 10 will work just fine on your devices in the meantime (with support running until October 2025).  

One for the multitaskers 

For the eager early adopters, the launch will feature a new app called Snap Layouts, a multitasking tool that enables users to arrange several windows across the screen. These can be arranged not just side-by-side, but in columns and customisable sections. This feature is perfect for anyone that likes to jump between tasks quickly throughout the day.    

Photo credit: Microsoft

Power saving improvements 

There’s also a newly improved health check app found in Settings. Windows 11 will recommend brightness levels and other power-saving initiatives, a welcome development as attention to energy efficiency grows. This means being able to run your meeting off-site without fear of being cut off midway if your charger is elsewhere. Currently, many devices are set too bright and drain unnecessary electricity, and Windows has made a big step to address this.    

Teams upgrade 

Microsoft Teams gets an upgrade for consumer accounts, with the new version being integrated into the dock, making it easier to join meetings. The commercial version of Teams will need to be actively downloaded and installed. This appears to be the first step toward Skype disappearing from the Windows platform, as it is superseded by the program that assisted millions as they worked from home during the challenges of 2020 and 2021. 

Photo credit: Microsoft

An improved user interface 

Windows 11 will receive automatic annual updates, much like macOS. The latest version is also promised to be the most secure in Microsoft history. It will perform better on tablets, and once users adjust to small layout changes, it is expected that the new version will prove popular among professionals. Like any technological innovation, we’ll be here to guide our clients through the changes and advantages of Windows 11.  

Get ready for Spirit tailored solutions 

Spirit has a long history of working with Microsoft to provide businesses the tools they need. Windows 11 looks certain to contain a list of features that will assist the running of your team. If you have any questions regarding your technology needs, we’re ready and willing to help. This may prove especially valuable when determining whether your devices pass the hardware requirements test for install. This centres around something called TPM2.0, a chipset not available on even some recent devices. So if in doubt, talk to a Spirit expert. We tailor technological solutions for thousands of Australian businesses just like yours, using the best practices available.    

The release of Windows 11 might also provide the perfect excuse for you to finally update your old laptops and PCs. Older models (3 years old +) may struggle to power many modern apps smoothly, let alone a cutting-edge Windows 11 UI with minimum performance requirements. So, if you’re also looking for a reason to upgrade your equipment, reach out and we can ensure your devices and new Windows 11 upgrades work perfectly in tandem, and give your staff something to be excited about. It is expected that all new laptops will arrive with Windows 11 pre-installed from late 2021. 

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