Working from anywhere? This is how we manage our on-site and remote workers

During a recent work huddle, Jayson, Spirit’s Head of Solutions and Marketing, announced he would be travelling to New Zealand in the coming days. He would miss a Friday with flights but spend the subsequent two weeks working from the land of the long white cloud.

What are the implications of Jayson’s decision to visit his homeland? There is none. Jayson travels with his work laptop, and as long as there is a reliable Internet connection, his team can reach out to him via Teams chat and email. His work is saved to the cloud, where colleagues can access it in real-time, and for added security, all his data is automatically backed up. Everyone in the team continues to collaborate and has face-to-face meetings via Teams to share ideas and documents. While he is coordinating and running his business days, Jayson gets to enjoy staring at picturesque ‘Lord of the Rings’ type landscapes.

Here at Spirit, we practice what we preach. As an organisation that applies the modern way of working, our team can work from anywhere, securely and seamlessly. When we take advantage of the benefits that technology can offer us, we do so from the knowledge that there is more to life than being 40+ hours per week in an office. So, imagine being able to answer your emails from the poolside in a tropical paradise or run your management meetings in a pair of board shorts after an invigorating ocean swim. This change in work style will give you a new outlook on life. And we all know brain-storming sessions are better held in a sunny park than in a sterile office cubicle.

Let’s be honest, life is too short to spend cooped up. The modern workplace incorporates your lifestyle choices with your professional duties. For employees with children, this means meeting their kids after school for a debrief of the day’s learning activities. For those with the travel bug, this means working from any location with a Wi-Fi connection.

Progressive employers measure the performance of their people by their output, not their devotion to long hours spent at a desk. They also realise that freedom and flexibility are essential to the work-life balance. And modern organisations enjoy the rewards derived from happy, content, committed staff who appreciate the perks of hybrid working arrangements. They’ll notice a drop in absenteeism, a boost in morale and productivity, and higher employee retention rates are enjoyed by companies that put the interests of their workers first.

The secure, modern, digital workspace is not some abstract concept. Just ask Jayson, as he seamlessly mixes travel and catching up with family and friends with his work commitments. Spirit has provided Jayson with the tools to work from anywhere, and he’s taking advantage of its freedom.

If this workstyle sounds more like you, maybe it’s time to speak to us about our passion for the modern workplace.

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