How to stay productive and connected

Thanks to cloud technology, high-speed Internet and a large range of collab apps (like Google Drive & Slack) working from home is becoming easier by the day. Why wouldn’t you want to roll out of bed a bit later, skip the morning commute and work in your activewear? That all being said, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Ask most people who work from home on a regular basis, and they’ll tell you it’s a double-edged sword. You might get a lot of work done, but you often sacrifice the social aspects that come from working in the office. And what about all the distractions that come with working from home? You might have other people in the house during the day, or the temptation of watching S7E7 of GOT a few more times before season 8 is released.

So we’ve asked around the office and come up with a few ideas to help keep you on track when working from home.

1. Get dressed, make a list and find the right spot

This might seem obvious. They are the same things you do when you’re in the office, right? Well keeping up that routine is a great way to keep your brain in work mode. If you stay in your PJs all day, then you’re probably going to want to stay in bed all day. Get changed into something comfortable, and make a list of the things you want to achieve. Then, find a good perch to work from for the day. Your couch or bed (while comfy) do not inspire motivation to get sh*t done! If you have a spare room for your home office, or even a nook in the living room by a window to create a chilled-out vibe, you’re well on track to complete a lot of your tasks. 

2. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to wake yourself up and get the endorphins flowing, so you have plenty of brain power to get through your workday. Use some of the extra time you now have to join a fitness class, or go for a walk. Being outdoors and around people for part of the day will also help with the social aspect you might be missing when you aren’t at the office.

3. Check in with your colleagues as much as possible

Whether you are managing a team, or you are an integral part of that team, keeping up to date with what your colleagues are working on is paramount. With great communication apps like Skype, Slack, FaceTime or even quick old-fashioned email, working from home shouldn’t stop you from making sure everyone is still on the same page. Schedule a specific time to catch up with your team and share what you are working on. Try to make this the first thing in the morning if you can, so you know exactly what needs to get done before you start your day.

4. The right tech, and a solid Internet Service Provider

Finding the right tech to make you as comfortable at home as you are at the office is essential. Treat yourself to a decent laptop so you can work on the run or head into the office if you need, as well as a good keyboard, a larger monitor and a decent mouse.

And of course, without some fast Internet in your home office, your day is likely to become so unproductive and frustrating! If you’re using this home time to try and catch up, only to be weighed down by slow Internet, then feeling relaxed and motivated can quickly turn into highly agitated, and even further behind. As one of Australia’s leading alternatives to the NBN, we have super-fast, sky-speed fixed wireless Internet, rated as Australia’s fastest*.

Get in touch with us today to make sure the next time you work from home, you can really get the job done.

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