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Don’t just take our word for itWhy Workspace 365 Backup?

There is nothing more frustrating than losing a file or document before it has been safely saved — it feels a bit like losing your car keys when you’re already running late. When a file disappears, hard work goes with it, and you end up wasting even more time searching for the missing item.

Backup is like keeping a spare set of car keys in a safe place, just in case your main set vanishes on a rainy evening when you’re running late for a parent-teacher interview to discuss your ‘exuberant’ child. It’s a weight off your mind, and we recommend it for anyone that takes pride in their work and enjoys eliminating potential stress points from their teams work-life.

Microsoft is clear that it doesn’t cover every Microsoft 365 scenario, no matter how common. That’s why we strongly recommend enabling your organisation to support all changes to their Sharepoint information and critical Teams and Groups activities. A lost or missing file may be a signed contract, proof of an agreement, a laboriously produced piece of work, a vital email correspondence, so again, why risk it?

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