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Business Fibre Broadband

Spirit is delivering Business Fibre Data and Voice services to business buildings around Melbourne and Sydney CBD

Apartment Fibre Broadband

Spirit Ultra Fast Internet 'UFi' reaches speeds up to 200/200 Mbps and available to high-rise apartment buildings.

Student Broadband

Just moved into your student accommodation and need Internet? We can get you going fast.

NBN Broadband

Spirit is an NBN partner and provides NBN Internet services for thousands of customers across Australia

Australia's Fastest Residential Internet

Say hello to 'UFi' - Australia's Fastest and the only Symmetrical Residential Fibre broadband. At incredible speeds reaching 200/200 Mbps, and plans starting from just $67, UFi leaves NBN and others in the dust. UFi is not just the Fastest, but it's the ONLY Internet service that gives you equally fast Downloads AND Uploads. Is your building connected to Spirit UFi?

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Business Fibre

Spirit delivers business Fibre Optic data and voice solutions to businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide CBD and surrounding areas. Spirit Optic Fibre offers unmetered bandwidth at up to 1 Gbps. What could your business do with significant bandwidth upgrade while keeping OPEX in check?

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Student Broadband

Just moved into a new apartment and need to get connected? Spirit has all your communications needs covered. Get Internet, WIFI access points, Telephone lines, SIM cards and more. See what Spirit has to offer.

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"We've been a Spirit client for over 5 years ... we have regional and O/S offices and so video conferencing is vital .... I'd certainly recommend them" -Warren


"I just had 100/40 Fibre installed in my unit at Freshwater Place. I love it! After suffering on [...] ADSL2 for ages, this is amazing. Cheers! " -David


"Thanks for the help, loving the Fibre btw... So glad I don't have to deal with the utter pain of Telstra" -David M, FWP


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